Howard Grimes

Howard Grimes – Former Director for Innovation and Industry Partnerships, Idaho National Laboratory

Howard Grimes

Howard Grimes has played a significant role in the formation of durable partnerships and has taken them to a whole new level. He possesses the ability to nurture their growth and strengthen those collaborations to make the most of the opportunities.

Howard Grimes is accredited for his exceptional abilities to create new opportunities and nurturing the growth and revenue as well. He is known for his exceptional public speaking skills and his utmost ability to make people have a shared vision.

Howard Grimes (Idaho) gained his honors degree from Indiana University in 1979. Moreover, he gained Master’s degree in Plant Pathology from University of Massachusetts back in 1982. In addition to it, in 1985, he did his Ph. D in Botany (Biophysics) from North Carolina State University.

Owing to his brilliant and incomparable communication expertise and public speaking capacities, Howard Grimes has the exceptional talent of instilling very multifaceted technical and scientific information. Moreover, he has the brilliant capacity to communicate it in influential and adaptable ways.

Howard Grimes (Idaho) is an exceptional public speaker and possesses amazing research abilities.


Howard Grimes is available to offer consultation in the following areas:

  • Transformational leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Fundraising
  • Research
  • Revenue development
  • Strategic planning


Howard Grimes is available to shed light on the several aspects of leadership, partnerships, collaborations, fundraising strategies and a number of prospects linked to academic research and creation of new opportunities. He is also available to talk about new technological innovation for broad academic, corporate, government, and community initiatives.

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